1-2 July 2021, Lodz, Poland

SCIENCE is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge…– Carl  Sagan

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The common vision for the Young Explorers Seminar YES! is to enable further integration of labour law scholars with the aim of putting forward a research agenda for the new generation of labour law research i.e. more curiosity-driven research, rather than programmatic research focused merely on understanding the dynamics and consequences of the existing socio-economic phenomena.

In the 21st century it is more than evident that various facets of the current socio-economic realities were born from absolutely not programmed developments. Many of the socio-economic breakthroughs (such as the recent one provoked by the COVID- 19 pandemic) deeply change our understanding of the world and give us a solid incentive to think also about a new world of work. The innovation process is indeed complex, with many linkages and mechanisms, that nevertheless need to be undertaken at a systemic and global level. The Young Explorers Seminar YES! aims at breaking the remaining walls between labour law research and innovation by consequently putting curiosity-driven research into practice. It is not about getting the right answers, but rather about building a community of curious souls ready to open a scientific box full of new tools that could be used to grapple with the insecurity and uncertainty of ‘liquid modernity’.


The format of the seminar is content oriented through sessions with thematically coherent presentations/panels and small keynote (TED talk like) sessions on specific subjects/scientific methods/tools/research process. The presentations, which are to be held in English, can thus be about the current or past research of the speaker, or they can be organized as short lectures about chosen arguments of interest. Notably, it is not a mere coincidence that The Young Explorers Seminar YES!, is planned to take place just after the next edition of one of the most cutting edge labour law conferences- LLRN5 in POLAND. Hopefully this will provide an additional incentive to explore more in-depth the Polish/Eastern European scientific scenery, as well as such topical, especially in light of the post-Covid socio-economic developments, issues as: basic income, the relationship between climate change and labour law in the context of migration processes, the potential transformation of the European social model and the privacy paradigm at workplace (to name but a few…).

The conference is open to PhD students, Post-docs and EVERYONE ready to go off the well-trodden scientific routes.


The University of Lodz was established in 1945 and has long been one of the biggest and most popular universities in Poland. The University of Lodz boasts the oldest and most recognized School of Polish for Foreigners that has educated 26,000 students since 1952. The Faculty of Law and Administration is one of the twelve faculties at the University of Lodz, one of the original three faculties established at the time of the University foundation. Though its tradition goes back a long way its seat is one of the most modern – the Faculty is located in the only §- shaped building in the world!


15 November December 2020     Last day to submit abstracts/panel proposals
15 December 2020 January 2021     Decisions on acceptance of papers/panel proposals
15 April 2021 – 30 June 2021 Registration
1-2 July 2021             Conference


Izabela Florczak

Marta Otto

Magdalena Paluszkiewicz

Anna Piszczek


All questions and suggestions should be addressed to: yes@uni.lodz.pl

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