‘People acting together as a group can accomplish things which no individual acting alone could ever hope to bring about.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

The Polish Scientific Network of Labour Law and Social Security COOPERANTE was established in August 2017. It is affiliated with the Institute of Social Insurance and Social Policy (a unit of Department of Labour Law) at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Łódź. COOPERANTE network follows a model of expanding worldwide scientific networks dealing with issues of labour law and social security [see inter alia Labour Law Research Network; European Labour Law Network; New Zealand Labour Law Society; Centre de recherche interuniversitaire sur la mondialisation et le travail, Canada].

The Network enables its members to reach out to researchers, strategic social partners and policy makers through a dedicated website with information on current conferences, seminars, publications and ongoing research projects. In addition, COOPERANTE strives to deepen the cooperation of the Polish scientific community with social partners and foreign institutions.

COOPERANTE network was a partner of:
– the XXII Congress of Departments of Labour Law and Social Insurance (May 2019);
– conference Labour law changes 2019-2020 – challenges for employers (October 2019);
– conference Labour law in the time of crisis (May 2020);
– conference The situation of public administration officials in the time of COVID-19 (June 2020);
– conference Young workers on the labour market – opportunities, problems, threats (November 2020);
– conference Remote work as an institution of labour protection law (January 2021)
– conference On work from an interdisciplinary perspective – reflections in the reality of the state of the ongoing pandemic (March 2021)
I National Congress of Academic Circles of Labour Law: The Future of Labour Law (May 2021)
– conference New Deal – Opportunities and threats for Polish employers (May 2021)

-conferenceLLRN5Poland (June 2021)
YES! Young Explorers Seminar (July 2021)

-conferenceLLRN6Poland (June 2023)

COOPERANTE’s strategic partner is the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS). Commissioner for Human Rights establihed his patronage over COOPERANTE Network.

The main activities of the Network involve:

  • transfer of information on current conferences, seminars and publications via the website and Newsletter sent once a month to persons affiliated the Network*;
  • creation of a database of labour law and social security experts belonging to the Network;
  • promotion on the Internet platform of the Network of international events organized in Poland and noteworthy events organized in the world;
  • organizing and co-organizing scientific seminars and conferences;
  • cooperation with students` organisations from Polish Universities;
  • publishing „Feuilletons”.

The founders and coordinators of COOPERANTE are:

Izabela Florczak
Marta Otto
Mirosław Włodarczyk


Michał Barański – Coordinator of cooperatin with students organisations
Katarzyna Jaworska – Coordinator of section „Publications”
Robert Marczak – Coordinator of section „ZUS”
Magdalena Paluszkiewicz – Coordinator of section „Events”
Anna Piszczek – Coordinator of section „Jurisdiction”
Krzysztof Stefański – Coordinator of „Feuilletons”
Piotr Sypecki – Coordinator of collaboration with Networks` Members

Polish Scientific Network of Labour Law and Social Security COOPERANTE
Faculty of Law and Administration, University of Łódź
8/12 Kopcińskiego Street, 90-232 Łódź
Room. 3.72


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